[7] In the summer of 1930, while waiting for players to show up


So as we may all know now, uniforms can be a good and bad thing, and there are many debates that can prove my point. For now, all we can do is watch and see where this mandatory uniform policy takes us, and only hope for the best. We need to give the students a voice in this debate and have them state their own opinions, rather than telling them what to do.

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beach dresses Most of these early beach volleyball matches were played with teams of at least six players per side, much like indoor volleyball. The concept of the modern two man beach volleyball game is credited to Paul „Pablo” Johnson of the Santa Monica Athletic Club.[7] In the summer of 1930, while waiting for players to show up for a six man game at the Santa Monica Athletic Club Bathing Suits, Johnson decided to try playing with only the four people present, forming two two man teams for the first recorded beach volleyball doubles game. The players realized that with fewer players on the court, a taller player’s height advantage could be neutralized by a shorter player’s speed and ball control. beach dresses

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